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Pre-Sailing information that everyone should read:

  • Our main goal is to ensure your expectations for your experience are exceeded. We also believe in a direct line of communication with our guests and our guests with our team. If at any time you feel things aren’t going as planned, are not as expected, or any concerns at all please voice to the captain or reach out to the owner directly.
  • Additionally, if at any time there is something we can do to really help you out, improve your experience, or provide world class service, please let us know. Our philosophy is bound to the ideology that if it doesn’t cost us an exuberant amount of time or it doesn’t cost us any money, then the answer should always be yes.
  • With that said, we are human and won’t be perfect at all times. We only say that so when there is an issue, together we focus on how we collaborate to fix the issue and move forward. We are an organization that embraces failure and also give the latitude for our team members to make executive level decisions at any time. Your feedback is how we improve and can embrace the failures (i.e. work on a solution to prevent in future or make up for our shortcomings) so every bit of feedback, lessons learned, and even failures are appreciated.
  • Yes. Because of liability, food/beverage laws, and other reasons, you and all individuals accept full liability and responsibility of consumption of food/alcohol on the boat, during the charter at any time, or before the charter. Alcohol can present dangers in judgement, person’s ability to balance, hold on, etc., awareness of self and others, etc. Please be cognizant of this and the dangers it can present. If at any time you feel you have doubts of yourself, another one of your guests, etc. please inform the captain so he can ensure safety of all guests.
  • Of course. Because of food and beverage laws, liability, etc. our team cannot provide our own food unless you were to cater such from a separate vendor.
  • We can provide cooler space to keep any food and beverages you bring on board fresh and cold.
  • We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled charter time. Ironically, we prefer you to be early and waiting on us, than the other way around, as our team likes to maximize your time if possible. If no other charters exist, then this will allow us to go over safety briefing, get any paperwork signed and even start charter a little early to give you some more time.
  • We follow USCG Bareboat Charter law, which allows for the charterer plus 11 of their guests, plus the captain and any crew. (11+1, so 12 plus captain and crew).
  • Electronic cigarettes/vapes/etc: Yes. These are allowed anywhere on the boat.
  • Cigarettes/Cigars: Because of the risk of burning upholstery/boat, smell that can permanently fixate inside and deter other guests, and risk of ashes blowing with the wind; we prefer not to allow cigarettes to be smoked on board, but have made an exception on board once we outline where and when it’ll need to be conducted.
  • Weed: First, we follow state guidelines. It is not legal in GA or SC. Please be mindful, marijuana is still illegal federally, and all risks/liability of such are passed to the charterer and guests.
  • To ensure transparency and understanding, there are several factors that are important to know regarding how we must perform the charter to ensure their lawful compliance. I have provided an infographic below, but the two main relevant elements you as the charterer, will deal with are outlined below.
    • First, the USCG wants the captain and company, paid separately. This is very simple, it just means that payment for the captain will be done the day of, and paid directly to the captain on the dock before the charter commences, by you, either by cash, venmo, cashapp, zelle, etc.
    • Second, the USCG / regulations state that you must select the captain. In summary there are two options.
      1. Usually, the day prior Savannah Luxury Cruises LLC will send you a list of pre-approved captains. These captains have extensive training/knowledge of the vessel and the area. You must send back in text or email, the name of your selection. I then will reach out to selected captain and check his availability (you can do this too, if you prefer). If available, I will create group message between the captain, company and you (charterer). If unavailable, I will then ask if you would like to select another captain and repeat.
      2. The second option is you to provide/hire your own captain. He/she must meet stringent qualifications and may be asked for proof of such. Below are the requirements in case this option is ever chosen by you, the charterer.

        bareboat charter tips

        USCG Bareboat Charter Regulations
        1. Crew choice: The charterer has the option of selecting crew. This means that the vessel owner may provide a list of qualified captains, typically three or more, for the charterer to select from or the charterer can find their own crew. If the charterer wants to hire their own crew, then the beneficial owner may require general levels of proficiency.
        2. Crew pay: The captain and crew shall be paid by the charterer.
        3. Provisions: All food, fuel and stores are provided by the charterer.
        4. Expenses: All port and pilotage fees are paid by the charterer.
        5. Insurance: Coverage is obtained by the charterer, at least to the extent of covering liability not included in the owner’s insurance. (Our vessel includes all required insurance coverage)
        6. Crew termination: The charterer may discharge, for cause, the captain or any crew without approval from the yacht’s beneficial owner.
        7. Inspection: The vessel is surveyed upon delivery and return to the owner.
  • Indicative of a 5-star experience, we as a company do not cover fuel. This is important as we want the experience to come first and do not want to align something that could have a negative effect on the experience. This allows you to choose and do whatever you want. Friend told you of a cool marine life area and want to hit it before you end the trip? Well of course! Unlike most companies, where if you were to ask them if they would accommodate you doing this or that, they elect to say no, as that is money out of their pockets. More so, if budget is a priority, we can adjust the trip to be as efficient and effective to your goals as possible.
  • Similar to a rental car, the fuel is to be returned at the same level as it was at the beginning of the trip. If this is not done, then fuel is reimbursed as outlined below.
  • Timeframe: As all charters do not include fuel, usually within two days, (sometimes longer than that) a company representative will complete accounting of all unsubmitted fuel reimbursements. This will either be reimbursed directly by charterer after communicating via text or email; to the companies cashapp, security deposit, venmo, etc. or by us submitting through booking platform or a partner site, and likely charged to card on file.
  • Fuel Used Calculation: The fuel used is based off of the specialized software onboard the vessel which informs how much fuel was burned in each engine. This has been thoroughly tested on each vessel and is accurate within 5 gallons on any trip.
  • Applicable area of trip/use: Fuel used is based off of the trip itself and any to/from travel from home port (mooring location) to the pickup location.
  • Fuel Calculation Formula: Fuel gallons used + 3-5 gallons (3-5 depends on ratio of fuel used and is used to cover typical inaccuracies, to/from fuel dock travel, unknown fuel price increases, etc.) times (x) local market non-ethanol marine grade rate times (x) 3.5% CC processing fee.
    • Some clients want to know fuel for their own accounting or purposes immediately. If it is important to you to know fuel immediately after trip, please reach out to company representative immediately after the trip so we can provide.
  • What is Fuel Going to Cost: Often we get this question.  Obviously with the intention of getting just an idea. Our average fuel cost for clients usually ranges from $75-500. Obviously, many factors can contribute to cost and often is less or more than that. For instance, a day trip to Hilton Head Island is farther away than a trip to Daufuskie Island or Little Tybee Island. The median cost for each location is below. Now this range and information is based on data of previous experiences, is subject to fluctuation of fuel prices, and your cost will vary depending on your specific trip.
  • Fuel costs significantly fluctuate by the speed we operate our boats. At a cruising speed of 25 knots (28 MPH) our boats will consume about 50% less fuel than a speed at wide open throttle, or around 43 knots (50 MPH).
    • Three-hour cruise
      • Average Typical Range: $50-$200
      • Median: $150
    • Hilton Head Cruise drop-off & return
      • Average Typical Range: $100-$250
      • Median: $200
    • Six-hour cruise
      • Average Typical Range: $150-$350
      • Median: $250
  • Market Rate for Marine Grade Fuel if not returned to same level:
    • $6.50

Booking, cancellation, deposit, ordering etc. FAQ's:

  • To hold your spot on a calendar, a deposit is required. Though typical in the marine industry, the reason for this in our offerings, is we believe in good business practices both from the consumer and business. We have had many no-show’s which costs our team a lot of money, but more importantly their time. We value both our customers and our employees’ time and appreciate you understanding such.
  • Yes, under the following circumstances:
    • If the captain feels the weather will not be conducive for the purpose of the charter, experience, or safety of guests/equipment/boat/crew; then we will either reschedule or refund you any proceeds you have placed.
    • If an equipment, maintenance, or boat issue will prevent the charter from being successful, we will reschedule if possible or refund you any proceeds you have placed.
    • If we cancel the experience without effect of the booking individual we will refund any proceeds that have been placed.
  • Free cancellations up until 5 days (6 or more) before the booking start date.
  • 50% refund for cancellations between 2-5 days before the booking start date.
  • Cancellations within 2 days of the booking start date are non-refundable.
  • A security deposit hold (not a charge) will be placed on your credit card before your booking starts to cover any incidental damage that may occur during your rental. This hold is released 48 hours after the booking is complete (if no claims are made). The security deposit amount for the boat you are booking will be outlined during the checkout process.
  • Your charter will begin at Savannah Bend Marina, 188 Old Tybee Rd, Savannah (Thunderbolt, behind MarineMax). Parking is limited. So that you can enjoy your day to the fullest, we recommend using a ride service to and from the marina. We can provide shuttle service contacts for you. Due to weather, chosen experience, logistics, or by request we can and do pick up at different locations or locations of your choice, when it is feasible. Call to discuss options.
  • Other than items out of stock, we will ship within 3 days of purchase. If there is an urgent need for any products, please reach out or include in your order and we will ensure that we collaborate on how we can support your needs.